Friday, 14 October 2011

I Was There

Page 22 & 23.  The book has 68 pages.
More than 20 poems to go!

The Padre

Religeon was not a big part of our family. 
Not even back then... well maybe.  Nah.

The Prisoner

Witness?  Probably.
 Anyone know?

We are the Dead

We do not know what years these were written, only that Uncle Jim
published them when he was well into his eighties. 
Did he lift a line or did he hear their call to give voice?
Does it matter?

The Piper

He was a Cameron Highlander.  And a Cameron!

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Yes.  I'd think that would be a dilemma... or a dream.

The Dressing Station

I know a man researching the over sensationalization of "The Great War". 
This poet saw some ugly stuff and wasn't from a privileged social situation.  Shrugs. 
Pages 10 & 11

No Man's Land

I'm pretty sure this is fresh material.
Pages 8 & 9

Leaving Home

I wonder if anyone could use these illustrations.
I imagine L.J.McVarish was a witness as well.
Pages 5&7

The Canadian Army

Page 4 of Carry On gives us another of many illustrations
by L.J. MacVarish to augment the poems that comprise the book.
Page 5 = The Canadian Army

Carry On

Carry On is a collection of poetry published by my dad's maternal uncle, James Cameron, from Russell Manitoba. We are publishing it here because we can.