Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Carry On

Thirty-seven poems*. Scroll down.  
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The poems were posted in order of the book, so to read in order, start with the earliest poems and read UP.  Three posts have two poems.  Not every poem has an illustration.  
Poet - James McLennan of Russell and later Winnipeg,  Manitoba
Illustrator - L.J. McVarish of Winnipeg.

Enjoy and share the poetry. 

--- shared willingly by the descendants of James Cameron

*36 if Disappointment and Retrospect are indeed one and the same.
<<follow-up in progress>>


It is over.

We Regret to Inform You


Many did not return.  Death of youth.  A generation lost.  But I think the text on this plate is the same as an earilier poem... Will follow up on this.  <<Yes.  Poem on plates 32-33 has same verses.  Will double check scan, and detail.>>

Thoughts in the Trench

Thinking about thinking.

Zero Hour

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Kaboom!  The illustration is almost audible.

A Nightmare

The Letter

The truth and the compassion.

Going Back



The Flare

Page actually bled to black. Text in reverse.
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Another dozen poems to post.  68 pages in the hard cover book.  Keep enjoying.  
Help us find the illustrator's family:  L.J.McVarish

All Quiet on the Western Front

As story poem.  A situation.  An event.

They Shall Not Grow Old

It looks like the artist screened the smoke in the back of this illustration.  Seems, with war, it is difficult to not look back.

The Hero. Gas Attack

Two poems on this plate.


as life, or day, draws nigh


Pragmatic. Glory is overrated.

To A Skull

Hallowe'en apples!  Alas, poor Yorick. Morbid be the bones, especially the bones of war.

What Price Glory

This illustration looks more like a print,
or an etching than a drawing or a painting.
 I hope we are able to locate the illustrator,
L.J. McVarish.
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The Eventide

As always, click on the illustration to enlarge it, if need be.  

The Tropies. The Cemetery.

No illustrations on these plates.  He and the author probably agreed about this.  Or perhaps it was the publisher's call.  We'll have to use our imaginations a bit more.


Forgotten, Forgotten, as every soldier know.

The Lost Generation. Peace

Two poems.

Women. The Sister. Mother

My Granny was James Cameron's Sister. Her sons served and came home damaged, but alive from WWII. We still live with their pain.